for the next top app or just want to add mobile capabilities to your business process, once you request for a free quote you our business team will have a detailed discussion with you regarding your specifics needs and desired results following our creative process from finalizing your idea to delivering the final product.


1. Discover

We facilitate in conducting brainstorming sessions and market research for idea. We convert words and thoughts into profitable idea by analyzing customer’s needs using proper market research technique including focus groups, questionnaires and direct interviews. Findings are presented to senior management in form of market size estimations and positioning strategy.


2. Strategize

We facilitate in building product development strategy while considering budgetary and time limitations. Our experienced team develops product strategy based on sound marketing plan, operation schedules, human resource requirements and financial projections. Findings of this stage are presented to senior management in form of business plan.


3. Conceptualize

We facilitate in conceptualizing the product by designing user friendly interface. Our experienced product managers, working in collaboration with creative team, develop highly interactive design to ensure customer satisfaction. Finding of this stage are presented as Wire-Frames and application functional design.


4. Build

We facilitate in developing salable and robust applications. Our engineering team skilled in latest technologies helps in developing applications faster, better and cheaper. We hold weekly web-conference meetings with our partners to ensure maximum productivity and avoid communication gaps. The end product of this phase is functional application hosted at customer's server.


4. Commercialize

We also facilitate in commercializing the product by marketing product using non-traditional marketing tactics as well as in developing elevator pitches for prospective investors. The findings of this phase are presented as advertisement and promotion strategy, sales forecast and sales plans.


6. Celebrate

After a successful product introduction, we like to take a moment to celebrate with you a successful project and partnership.