Zombie Sniper Shooter

Put your Zombie killing skills to test with our new hit Zombie shooter. Help defeat the zombies this Halloween with the best mobile Zombie game, Zombie Sniper.

Zombie Sniper is a fast paced and thrilling zombie game that combines the horror elements of Zombie Apocalypse and action elements of a 3d shooter game. The undead are restless and looking for fresh brains to eat and only you can put them all back in the grave.

Zombie Sniper will enhance your Halloween thrills and provide hours of non-stop entertainment!

Zombie Sniper features:

  • Four types of guns including the mini-gun, machine gun, shotgun and sniper rifle
  • Three colorful 3D environments including the Junkyard, Playground and Diner
  • Special power-ups, such as grenades and mines, to destroy the various zombie breeds
  • Health refill option to stay alive longer in Survival mode
  • 100+ challenging missions in Story mode
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Downloads 50000