Training Gamified

Gartner Says By 2015, more than 50 % of Organizations that manages Innovation Processes and E Learning Will Gamify those Processes. E Learning being a 51 billion dollar global industry, Gamification is the next big thing in it.

Out of all E learning market 65% is compliance training. Compliance is a topic organizations often struggle with. It can be difficult to manage; it is not always the most engaging subject; the most critical challenge is to make compliance training fun and engaging. Keeping all these elements in mind, GenITeam has developed a unique Gamified training platform for Compliance training.

Taking our vast experience in Game design and development we have created a revolutionary Gamified platform which takes conventional content, Gamifies it in form of a Board style game. The objective is to make compliance training Fun and Engaging and achieve its ultimate goal. i.e Happy engaged compliance savvy employees.

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Following are few key features

  • Gamified Compliance Content.
  • Flexible and scalable Gamification platform for corporate training.
  • Enhanced engagement + higher retention.
  • Detailed player analytics helping evaluate training effectiveness.
  • Social Media integration for virality.

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