Time Play- Gamified attendance system

Time Play - A Gamified Attendance System

We all play games because they are fun exciting and give us joy, content and sense of achievement. That ability of games to inspire and motivate has given rise to gamification as a serious business strategy.

Gamifying work processes can improve employee productivity by bring out their innate competitive nature.  Following on this new approach GenITteam management decided to start adding game elements to its work flow.

GenITeam has developed a Gamified app for time management. Employees arriving scan a QR code at reception which logs their arrival and departure. Arriving on time gets you a trophy, arriving on time for a month’s earns you a badge and a title. The one arriving on time the most for three months gets cash reward and bonus points for approval. Already we are seeing a 25% increase in turnaround and up to 40% reduction in late arrivals.

That is just the start and our team is working on integrating more elements like time spent on projects, quality of work, idea generation and soon will launch a full featured gamified attendance and appraisal app.



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