Project GS

Geniteam is working on a gamified app called project GS for kids with Autism to help them to learn and decipher human emotions by looking at photos of people (particularly kids in this case) with different facial expressions. , This app provides valuable learning play for all children many children with autism face difficulty or are unable to read the facial expressions of others, a vital skill for understanding non-verbal communication.  Teaching children to accurately read facial expressions plays a crucial role in building social skills and helping them to interact appropriately with others.


Sneak peak of the features are

  • Teacher can choose an emotion to train on the child.
  •  There are four Learning levels Beginner, Middle, Advance and Expert
  • It includes an Emotional Vocabulary to help children learning emotions.
  • Children attempt different types of tests to learn emotions.
  • Audio is played in response to children answer.


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