GRE ScoreQuest

BenchPrep is an award-winning learning platform that takes books and videos and makes interactive courses out of them - adding study features, and total convenience.

They wanted to make learning more challenging and addictive in their new GRE app. Gamifying their app was the most logical solution and Geniteam introduced leader boards into the app. Now when students complete task they immediately get encouragement from the app for doing well. At same time they can see regional and international leader boards to see how they are doing. one important element in the leader board is that they are relative meaning a specific user only sees people who did a particular task slightly better than them to keep them motivated to work harder.

GRE ScoreQuest is the best GRE Prep app on iPhone or iPad. GRE ScoreQuest uses the best in class content by The Princeton Review and the best in class mobile learning technology developed by BenchPrep.
Key Features:

• Specialized study boards for 7 categories: Text Completions, Sentence Equivalence, Reading   
  Comprehension, Number Properties, Algebra, Geometry, More Math

• More than 300 practice problems with detailed explanations

• Unlock levels, boards and questions based on your performance

• Intelligent Report Card that breaks down your performance at an atomic level

• Global and Local leader boards

• Robust community of thousands of students from all across the world

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